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Netflix movie Mimi actress Kriti Sanon opens up on pay gap in movie business

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Netflix movie Mimi actress Kriti Sanon opens up on pay gap in the movie business

Hindi cinematic landscape is witnessing a gradual shift towards contemporary artists driven by strong performances and plot lines. However, just like tinsel town likes to make movies about women's empowerment, there is still a widespread and huge pay disparity between men and women. Mimi actress Kriti Sanon opened up about the same.

"The patriarchal mindset is so normal that it will a little time to change and grow", Kriti Sanon on pay disparity

According to Kriti Sanon patriarchal mindset is to be blamed. While talking to ETimes she said, "Yeah, when I do pulling the audience especially when the festival revolves more around my character, it's on me, there will be more and more producers, who would feel the confidence of banking the film on me.

I feel like it's a circle, it kind of will even get that pay disparity. That's how you grow I feel, in life. The only thing that I had pointed out which happens is when a male and a female actor have a similar kind of role, I feel like men don't have to prove by having the film solely on them, to grow and to increase their price and somewhere females, sometimes have to prove it more by such kind of films, which is what I felt is a very weird difference. But I think we're slowly growing and things are changing. The patriarchal mindset is so normal that it will take a little time to change and to grow.”




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Men and women are still paid differently in the movie business, Kriti Sanon shares her thoughts on the matter

When told that Vidya, Deepika, and Anushka are fighting the pay gap and landing women-centric roles she added, "That's what I was about to say, the day we'll stop saying female-centric because we never say male-centric. So, I think these small changes when they start coming and it kind of actually becomes equal in our heads when we don't have any difference, these other differences of pay parity will also somewhere start balancing.”

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