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Sunday Brunch With Virat Kohli X Kamiya Jani | Curly Tales

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Birthday Boy Virat Kohli enjoys a special Sunday Brunch with our Chief Traveling Officer, Kamiya Jani (https://www.instagram.com/kamiya_jani/) at his beautiful new restaurant One8Commune at Aerocity in New Delhi. Over a plate of delectable Mushroom Googly Dumplings and refreshing Superfood Salad, the duo got talking on Virat Kohliu2019s food and travel preferences.u00a0Kamiya in her blog mentioned: https://curlytales.com/heres-how-sunday-brunch-with-virat-kohli-happened-on-curly-tales/u00a0u00a0
Browsing through my emails on a Sunday afternoon, I stumbled upon an email with a subject line that read as, u2018Virat Kohli Alert: Interaction Opportunity - Kamiya Jani | Curly Talesu2019. Even before I could open the email, I decided to refresh the page just to be sure of what I was reading. But nothing changed. I opened it with my fingers crossed hoping that itu2019s not spam, a joke or a fan/follower email pinning his hopes on me and asking me to do this. Guess what, none of the above. It was his team that had reached out to me for an exclusive interview for the launch of his new restaurant. I mean, WHAT!?!?.Sporting a black puma t-shirt, blue jeans folded and white sneakers u2013 he looked relaxed and very handsome. When was the last time we had a cricketer as good-looking as him? To be honest, I always thought of him as a player who represents India and makes every Indian proud. But it was the first time I saw him and thought u2013 u201cWow, he is quite good-looking.u201d I know it should be vice versa but I am just being honest..He was warm, welcoming and a perfect host. He called for some of his favourite food dishes for me to sample and then we started our conversation. A fun whirlwind conversation with giggles, Punjabi slangs, food obsessions, travel preferences et al.how-sunday-brunch-with-virat-kohli-happened-on-curly-tales/
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