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TV Serials to Resume Shooting from June 20

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There has been some latest reports stating that some television shows might resume their shooting schedules from June 20 onwards. The government of Maharashtra has approved the shooting under certain guidelines which would be followed across all the shooting premises be it for TV or movies.

The 16-page directive clearly specifies norms for safety, sanitization, hygiene, and social distancing.

Producers have been working hard in order to get approval from the appropriate authorities in order to resume shooting as well as trying to maintain everything within the minimum possible budget. Shooting for TV shows and web series as well as providing all the safety equipment will definitely require some extra finance.

Considering that we are in the midst of a global crisis the network broadcasters have asked the producers do take 30% pay cuts.

TV shows and Movies to resume shooting soon

There is no definite date as to when the shooting schedules would resume but it should be somewhere near mid-June . It is being said that most of the producers have decided to get to work from June 20 . The writers have already started scripting the next episodes Meanwhile the producers have asked actors to return and only 33% of the crew can work on the sets, this is in accordance with the directives issued by the government.

In terms of artists, elderly actors won’t be allowed onsets along with children below 10 years of age. These are the two populations which are most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Some reports are even stating that shows which have children as protagonists will take a leap in the show , taking it years ahead and shooting with adult artists. Also, the damaged sets will be repaired and sanitized to ensure safety of workers. Producers are talking with crew and artists many of whom will not have work either due to their age or due to mandatory presence of only 33% of the crew.

These are not normal times even if it is the ‘New Normal’. We along with the authorities have to go on with life as well as protect self and others.

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