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Rubina Dilaik’s Reason for Leaving Shakti : I Am Used to Being in The Driver’s Seat

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Rubina Dilaik became a household name after Shakti launched on Colors TV. The show has seen many twists and turns but Rubina decided to leave the show. In a recent interview with Pinkvilla the actress talked about the real reason she left the show. According to her there is no fun and challenge in being in the adjacent seat and having a handsome pay. She is used to being the lead actress and front lining the show.

Rubina Dilaik : “No Challenge to Be in The Adjacent Seat and Have A Lavish Per Day”

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For a popular name like Rubina , it surely will be difficult to not challenge herself and perform to her potential. She is striving for major roles in projects which put her in the front, and she is in the driver’s seat. In Shakti : Astitva ke Ehsaas Ki she played a transgender character with Vivian Dsena playing the lead actor.

She left the show on a happy note and didn’t want to continue with a secondary role. She said, “About me leaving Shakti, we had reached a deadlock. To refresh the show, we had tried many things like memory loss track, fresh faces and characters were introduced.

Since it was a love story between a man and a transgender, there was no possibility of consummation so there was a deadlock. Then there was a deadlock when Vivian opted out because he didn't want to be a part of the leap, so the love story also couldn't move forward, so that was another thing.

Then, we thought that since Saumya can never have a child, how on television can we take the liberty of making the daughter look like the mother, so that option wasn't there."

The plot of the show evolved in such manner that Rubina’s character had to be shown as mother of a young woman. As much as the role was challenging for her and she loved playing it, she would have enjoyed it, if it was the central theme of the show. She likes challenges when she is shouldering the entire show and taking its whole responsibility.

While concluding the interview she mentioned, “And this is exactly what I told the channel and my producers that comfort and money come secondary to me, the challenge is something which helps me and the show to be on their toes. So, due to this, I told them to relieve me of this because It is just painful."

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