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Naagin 3 Actor Pearl V Puri Lends A Helping Hand To 100 Spot Boys by Transferring Money To Their Bank Accounts

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Many people from the industry have come forward to provide help to people in need. Pearl Puri has come forward to help 100 spot boys many of whom who have worked in the serials Pearl starred in. In an interview he shared the details and how he felt that it was his responsibility too , to help the workers during these tough times.

Pearl Puri helps the workers during tough times of COVID-19 Pandemic

In an interview with Hindustan Times the Naagin actor mentioned, “I recently received a couple of calls from spot boys, who were part of my TV shows and they shared that they were facing problems and tough situations due to this lockdown.

I thought that there would be so many others like them from the industry. And I felt I should do whatever I can in my capacity to help. It felt like it was my responsibility to help them.

So I asked for a list of spot boys, which included their contacts and bank details, and the list I received had more than a 100 names, that too from one particular production house. I immediately transferred money into their accounts, which is the least I could do in these circumstances.”

Due to the lockdown the workers, migrants and daily wage earners have been out of work which makes them the worst hit population in terms of financial resources. Of corona won’t affect their lives, there is another hurdle of economic slowdown and hunger which needs to be tackled. Our poor need to be looked after.

He added, “We are all in this together and we have to look after each other. My heart weeps for them and I will always do whatever I can for people who are in need. I just hope this pandemic ends soon and we can get back to our lives. Till then please stay home and safe."

Along with humans, he is also looking after animals. He is regularly feeding stray pets in his locality as well as the neighboring areas so that they don’t starve. His gesture has been lauded by many platforms and such initiatives are always encouraged.

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