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Top 5 Crime Movies On Netflix You Need To Stream Right Now

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Top 5 Crime Movies On Netflix You Need To Stream Right Now

Crime movies on Netflix are a section of their own which makes it even more confusing but fret not because this list will solve all your confusion.

Crime movies are a fan favorite genre. There is always so much space as a creator and viewer. It can be a comedy crime movie or you can go super intense, but whatever it is, the result more often than not comes as a surprise for viewers. It is loved by fans so much that Netflix has made an entire section of crime movies. But this also means that viewers can get easily confused. So, here we are with a list of 5 Crime movies on Netflix that you can binge-watch over the weekend.

The Gambler

Featuring Mark Wahlberg alongside Brie Larson in the lead, the Gambler is one of the most underrated thriller crime movies on Netflix. The movie follows the journey of an English professor who is a gambler hell-bent on destroying his life. A published novelist, he is under huge debt and the only solution he can think of is getting more debt to gamble. The movie a roller-coaster ride where every second you would be rooting for the guy only to be disappointed in the end.






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John Wick Series

Keanu Reeves in his never-fading swag killing people with nothing but a pencil is the most apt description for one of the best action crime movies in the history of modern-day cinema. The series features a professional killer who has now retired but is forced to come out of it after his dog is killed by a mafia’s son. The movie is an action pack blockbuster and you can stream it on Netflix.






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Featuring Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead as a crime reporter, Nightcrawler is probably my favourite and one of the best mystery crime movies on Netflix. Jake plays the role of a thief who realises that he can make good money out of reporting and recording criminal activities that can be sold to media houses. This hunt for crime leads him to the path he can never come back from. It’s a unique premise which makes it even more thrilling. So, don’t wait and stream this crime thriller right now on Netflix.

Jack Reacher

The one we are talking about features Tom Cruise in the lead. Adapted from Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, the movie shows the man who has now retired from the Army is now being accused of killing 5 people. With no help and zero alibi, he takes it upon himself to prove his innocence. The movie is slow-paced but keeps you hooked throughout the duration of the film.

Uncut Gems

One of the best crime movies of 2019, Uncut Gems features Adam Sandler and Julia Fox in the lead. Available on Netflix, the movie is about a jeweller who takes the biggest risk of his life that could lead to his downfall and amidst all this, he also has to manage his work and his family.

So, this is our list of best crime movies on Netflix, if you have better suggestions, do let us know in the comment section.






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