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Space Force Review: A Show Hoping To Grow In Season 2

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Space Force Review: A Show Hoping To Grow In Season 2

Space Force streaming on Netflix is something that might fly under the radar but if you are a Steve Carell fan, you should give this a shot.

Amidst the ever-flowing sea of content on Netflix, a new show made its debut on it. Titled as Space Force, the show features Steve Carell in the lead. Ever since its trailer release, the fans anticipated the show to be an extension to the famous sitcom The Office with Steve Carell playing Michael Scott again. Now that the show has released and we have binge-watched it numerous times, it’s safe to say that things aren’t exactly what we expected it to be and this review of Space Force will tell you how.

For starters, the show announced the reunion of The Office creator Greg Daniels with Steve Carell and we were hoping for some more The Office’s trademark office banters. While the creators give us that, the show still lacks in some extent.

What’s the story of Space Force on Netflix?

Well, the current President of the USA has announced a mission, boots on Moon by 2022 and has created a special branch called Space Force. Mark Naird is the chief of Space Force and he has to make sure everything goes as planned.

What works for the show?

Well, there are few hits and misses for the show, but where it excels is story set-up. The show takes a subtle dig at the current US Administration and their politics. It talks of a real defence branch of USA, Space Force and it also hints at a President who discusses and discloses his next move on Twitter.






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Another aspect where this latest release on Netflix excels is its cast or say ensemble. The show brings back another fan favourite Ben Schwartz as a social media director for Space Force. He owns the character of the guy looking to please the current administration. However, the MVP of the show has to be John Malkovich as Dr. Adrian Mallory, the head science guy at Space Force, who is always in a tussle with his boss, Steve, about the actual science and common myth.

The show also highlights the current administrations’ reluctance on the actual science and you have to give credits to the creators for bringing this to the forefront. Also, we might have missed but Steve Carell is also credited as the show’s creator.

What doesn’t work for the show?

Well, there are more misses than hits for this show. For starters, there is no actual character growth. However, considering we just saw the first season and it took The Office many episodes to show the actual character growth, we might have to give this season of Space Force a little space to grow.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that apart from Steve’s character, no other character get enough screen time to establish themselves as a real human being with their own story.

Also, the latest space show on Netlfix also is a little confused and in its own bubble when it takes the double stance on issues. While we see many characters inspired by real-life politicians currently in US Congress, we also always see Steve Carell winning them over without any actual effort or work.

While we are made to believe that the boss of Space Force doesn’t have things under his control, we also always see the mission going as planned or the team getting over any obstacle with Steve being the savior. This has left many fans of Steve Carell confused as to what the lead character on Space Force is supposed to be.






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Overall verdict

Well, it’s too soon the judge the growth of the show only after season 1. Many shows have taken the second season to reach to its full potential and we have to give Space Force on Netflix a little more space and time to grow. But for the first season of Space Force on Netflix, we would say that it’s watchable and should be given a second season and see where it goes.

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