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Charlyne Yi calls James Franco a sexual predator and accuses him of 'preying on children

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Charlyne Yi calls James Franco a sexual predator and accuses him of 'preying on children

Charlyne Yi has accused James Franco of being a sexual predator and said that she did not feel safe around him on the sets of Disaster Artist.

Charlyne Yi calls out Seth Rogen for bribing her and accuses James Franco of sexual harassment

Charlyne Yi was to work with Seth Rogen and Franco in Disaster Room in 2017. She said that she wanted to quit the project sexual violence allegations against Franco came up. She added that she did not feel safe in his presence and the makers gave her even a bigger role when she wanted to leave. She has accused Seth Rogen of bribing her.

In a post she has mentioned, "Seth Rogen was one of the producers on this film so he definitely knows about the bribe and why I quit. Seth also did a sketch on SNL with Franco enabling Franco preying on children. Right after Franco was caught. Franco has a long history of preying on children."






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James Franco accused of sexual violence by Charlyne Yi , latter lashes out at Seth Rogen as well

She added, "When I tried to break the legal contract & quit Disaster Artist because James Franco is a sexual predator, they tried to bribe me with a bigger acting role. I cried and told them that that was the exact opposite of what I wanted, that I didn't feel safe working with a f***ing sexual predator. They minimized and said Franco being a predator was so last year and that he changed…when I literally heard of him abusing new women that week."

She mentioned, "predators will perform empathy, gaslight, & say they will do better- all in order to protect themselves and continue to harm others. Enablers are just as toxic and are abusers too. Disgusted by white men choosing power over protecting children and women from predators. Educate, organize, and dismantle corruption in your circles and in the law."

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