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Lili Reinhart asks people to look out for 'mental health warning signs'

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In the wake of Santa Fe public school shooting, Lili Reinhart has asked people to look out and never miss out on the mental health warnings. In the light of this incident which left ten people dead, she speaks about the importance of mental health education.
The 21 years old Riverdale actress, was asked about her thoughts on the school shooting by a photographer at the LAX airport. Lili said that the people should be ’more aware’ of the people who are around them, in order to recognize early warning signs. Speaking to TMZ, she further added that education revolving around mental health should not be ignores. In fact it is needed more than ever in today’s date.
The sensational actress said to the camera, “I think a lot of young kids haven’t been taught about mental health and you know, anyone really today doesn’t know that much about mental health or care to talk about it in schools. ‘So obviously if someone’s struggling I think a lot of people ignore it and whoever decides to shoot up a school obviously has mental health issues.’ ‘People are missing the signs of people who are troubled, the people who do these things.”
Lili strongly urges the people to be more aware of their surroundings. They can keep an eye out for any kind of mental or physical trouble by being much more aware of the people around them.
People should read the ’warning signs’ which can be proven as a vital step to prevent any of this situation to arise again.
Needless to say, Lili Reinhart totally bossed the question and asked people to focus on the people around them. Attention should be paid since your life can depend upon it!

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