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Harry Styles will be producing a TV show based on his life

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Harry Style’s fandom is in for a treat! The famous singer Harry Styles is going to produce a sitcom based on his life. The TV sitcom ’Happy Together’ has Harry Styles on the board of executive producer. The show is based on the life events of the popular singer after the former boy band ’One Direction’ rose to fame and popularity.
As stated in the reports, the show will be featured in the suburbia, where the stars Damon Wayans Jr and Amber Stevens West will play the role of a married couple. While living a quiet life, a musician played by Felix Mallard moves in.
The sitcom specifically shows the period in Harry Style’s life when he movies in with his friend and mentor, Ben Winston. Ben Winston now works in a band in the show of "The Late Late Show with James Corden", while his wife works hard towards the success of the music band.
Mallard describes Styles as ’really keen’ and opens about singer’s involvement in the programme. To be precise, he said, “I got to chat with him when were first deciding to do the show and he’s really excited. He’s really keen. He knows that it’s a story based on his life and he gets to produce a TV show which is fantastic for his career. So I think he really, really does care.”
As the time passes, many singers, actors and athletes are coming out with their life stories. They only motivate us and brings out the positivity. Some stories breaks heart while some stories inspire us. These shows and movies entertain us a lot. Knowing about the life story of the people, always attracts our attention and interest. Let’s see where this show stands amongst the teenagers who avidly follow Harry Styles in the upcoming time!

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