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Fans concerned about Johnny Depp's health as pictures of him looking thin surfaces on the Internet

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Fans are concerned about Johnny Depp’s health as a few pictures of him looking thin and pale surfaced on the internet. At that time, Depp was in Russia for the performance of his band, The Hollywood Vampires. He also posed with his fans at a Four Seasons hotel in St. Petersburg, where his fans started noticing how thin he appears.

Fans were anxious and fled various social media platforms to show how worried they are. One of the fans said, “Hope he’s okay, He’s an inspiration!”, while another said, “Why is he looking so skinny, hope he is ok.”
After looking at how concerned people are, a fan calmed them down by saying, “He looks fine, it’s because he has partially shaved his head and shaved off his facial hair, if he hadn’t done that there would be no concern, he just looks different without the hair from the Johnny we are used to, stop creating a story that isn’t there to write about... Or... Simply use your brains people and see what I see when I said it’s because he simply has shaved his head and facial hair... Seriously..im rolling my eyes.”
It is highly possible that Johnny is preparing for his role with such an emaciated look in some upcoming film. ’Richard Says Goodbye’ is his latest upcoming movie, where he plays the lead role.
Depp has always been known for going a bit too extreme to prepare for his roles. Losing weight and muscles can be a part of this process.


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