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PM Narendra Modi Movie Review | Reviews, Cast and Release Date

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The biopic tradition in Hindi cinema is written by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas and has been running since the days of Amar Katha (1946) of Dr. Kotnis, directed by V Shantaram. The basic difference between biopic and documentary is that biopic is a film made on the basis of virtue or fault of any human. It depends on the director and producer that he exposes the aspect of related personality in the film. The viewer goes to view the film as if it is his own view of watching the director of a person. That is why Sanju, who was released last year, became the third highest grossing Indian film in the country. Now the turn of PM Narendra Modi is.

The film PM Narendra Modi is the virtue of a person who has lived in maflisi, became a sannyasin in the womb, with the blessings of the mother, returned to the settlement on the request of the guru, and struggled with the internal politics of his own party. This is the first base of the film when the children go to China border at the Bal Narendra Station when they drink tea for free. Then, when the knife is knitted on its master, then it becomes the second axis of the public.

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