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Movie Review: No Rush in this Surgical Strike, See How Many Stars Got India's Most Wanted

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You must remember that incident when Shahrukh Khan was stopped at an airport in the US and he was questioned for a long time. Director Rajkumar Gupta has made a 123-minute film by catching the end of the same event, India’s Most Wanted.

At that time, all the names used by Yasin Bhatkal to hide his identity in the country, Shahrukh Khan also had a name. And, it was a rude act of actor Shah Rukh Khan. This Yasin is built on the mission of catching Bhatkal, India’s Most Wanted. It would be more appropriate to call a documented rather than a film because the film is in the same style. Why, why and where the film fails to give up its impact, read further.

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From a directive point of view, the film India’s most wanted country tells one important story. This is the story of the time when terrorists were not afraid of the Modi Government. The officers of Delhi used to be involved in Lalftishahi and nothing worked.

This blast story begins with the Pune bomb blasts. Rajkumar Gupta has picked up the story, but the film is worth making, it lacks all the things. Rajkumar has made five films till date and his script runs on such a fine rope that the audience becomes cobbler when there is a slight disturbance.

India’s most wanted story is an intelligence officer whose network is awesome. He turns on a confidential mission to catch a terrorist. It is a matter of fact that the mission is confidential, this thing has been explained to her companions so many times that there is a doubt about the mission being confidential.

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