Bharat Movie Review: Entertainment With Salman’s Adventure Amidst Nation Building

A story of a man and a nation, Bharat movie story tries to be serious while hoping to entertain you with its cast and adventures.

Bharat Movie Review: 3 star
Bharat Movie Release Date: June 5, 2019

More often than not Salman’s movie is all about creating a fictitious world where everything is in control of the protagonist, even if it doesn’t look like it. Released on Eid, Bharat movie review is a mix off good, bad and worse. Like all his recent movies, Salman has dawned the role of an exuberant man who is dedicated to either his family or his nation(in this case both). Produced at a staggering cost of INR 100 Crores, Bharat movie budget has been reflected well in the exotic locations and a star-studded support cast. The movie has something from everyone, meaning even if you don’t like Salman Khan and his movies personally, you might still come out entertained, given you leave logic behind.

The Good
The supporting cast is the lifeboat of Bharat movie

Every time the movie appears to be going on a downhill, cast of the movie comes to its rescue. Sunil Grover has played a vital role in the movie, providing the comedic timing and ensuring that emotional scenes don’t go flat, courtesy Salman Khan. Well, you can’t really expect Salman to express complex emotions, can you? Bharat movie cast features actors like Tabu, Sunil Grover, Satish Kaushik, Aasif Sheikh, and Kumud Mishra. Every little character is played out well and at some point, you would begin the consider the lead pair as the weak link of the movie.

Everything about Salman other than his acting chops

Over the last decade, Salman Khan has made a name for himself by creating a fictitious world so glorious and fun that everyone wants to escape in it. Bharat movie story is no exception. The movie starts with an older Salman Khan with a dashing mustache and older, grey hair look, which he manages to pull off in style btw. Taking you across the different era of India and his life, Bharat shows you just how adventurous you could have been, had you been born at that time. From him being a minor with hulk like strength to being a ship mechanic with no experience or knowledge to him being an old grumpy Old-Delhi business, Salman pulls off every character with great comfort, except when it comes to displaying emotions. He would have to shed a gallon of tears for you to be slightly emotional, yet you wouldn’t hate him for being himself on the screen, after all, it’s Bhai’s movie and his world.

Bharat music is just like his character, fun.

Keeping it short, Bharat movie songs will make you want to tap your feet but it isn’t one of those masterpieces that will stay with you for a long time. Songs are groovy with matching visuals and you can clearly see that ladies have put in a lot of effort to make these songs look more appealing, be it Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani or Noora Fatehi.

The Bad
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By now we all know what Salman Khan and his movies mean but with every new release, we expect him to add just a pinch of logic and continuity in his story. Well, Bharat would disappoint you again if you seek a logical story. Starting as a stunt man to eventually leaving the job because it sends a wrong message to the youth of the country to become a miner in an oil field, Salman takes up a job wherever he wishes to without any qualification. Also, Kumud(played by Katrina) works at an employment exchange but then she also works as a manager(we are still not sure of her job profile) in the oil field. She then becomes a TV news anchor and then division head. It looks like qualification is not a criterion for a person to succeed in Bhai’s fictitious world. For a relief, Salman doesn’t get to flex his muscles too much but he compensates it by dancing with pirates(as a means to save the ship from them). All this makes you wonder, what is real and what is not?

The flailing attempt to portray the everlasting effects of Partition

In the first 10 minutes, we are consistently told and reminded that the movie holds ties to Indo-Pak partition. The flashback takes us back to the country before partition and takes us on a ride of the aftermath of it and still persistent effects of it, but it fails to establish a concrete set of emotions. While we are told to sympathize with the character of Bharat, we still don’t know why. It sometimes appears that even the creators themselves forgot about the partition angle and it’s only used to add a layer to Bharat’s character. There are many movies about partition and Bharat movie story isn’t one of them and if it claims to be one, you should know better.

The worse
It’s still Salman’s world

It’s a no secret that Salman Khan is a king in his own world and stories in his movie pretty much feature him doing impossible things. Salman has paired with Katrina again to spread their magic, but her role seems to be just for emotional support to his character. She is the boss who falls in love with labor working in oil fields, who rejects the slight possibility of them getting married. She then follows him home to be together. After which he leaves to work on a merchant ship to support the family, leaving his love behind, yet the woman waits. He also asks her to leave her job to take care of his family and the family shop. Throughout the movie, Bharat takes the decision which appears selfish, which is justified by stating that he is doing for the family but more he becomes selflessly selfish, more the lady falls in love with him. Now tell me if that is meant to be a symbol of an empowered woman?

Salman is not the worst actor in this movie

Make way ladies and gentlemen as Salman Khan has found a new rival in Katrina Kaif when it comes to displaying emotions. It has been more than a decade but Hindi seems to be Kaif’s Achilles heel. Although the creators gave her multiple looks and she dawned all of them with grace, the dialogue delivery lacked timing and her induced accent didn’t do her any favor. The beauty of Bharat movie story is that you would rarely look at characterization but if you dig deep, Katrina would turn up to be the weak link of the Salman Khan’s Bharat movie.

Watch the movie for its sheer entertainment purpose and Ali Abaas’ own personal world with Salman as Superman but don’t expect to come out of the theatres with hard-hitting realities. The movie is entertaining and far better than Salman’s previous ventures like Tubelight and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Sunil Grover is the shining light amidst the machoness of Bhai.

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