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Mahabharat - Official Trailer | Aamir Khan | Prabhas | hrithik roshan | deepika padukone | Rajamouli

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Mahabharat - Official Trailer | Aamir Khan | Prabhas | hrithik roshan | deepika padukone

u276fu276f In this Concept trailer video I’m displaying visual commentary on how a film idea could look, The purpose of This Mashup / Fan-made / Concept trailer videos is to demonstrate and conceptualize specific or non-existing film ideas, compile and transform clips from previously existing productions to create a creatively unique vision and giving new meaning. I’m transformed the original work by adding My own unique value such as added high quality edits and special effects to create completely new, original movie trailers.

u276fu276f In this channel I’m creating Mashup / Fan-made / Concept trailer videos, involve collecting multiple pieces of film footage from one or multiple movies and editing them to create a new trailer. Trailer mashups are often created for a movie that does not exist now or to change the genre of an existing film. These are derivative works and as such, may find protection from copyright claims under the doctrine of fair use. The trailer mashups are not only a user-generated form of digital creativity but a way to create anticipation for future releases, working in tandem with current movie trailers. Movie trailers are designed to give minimal plot detail and to create hype and anticipation. Fan-made trailer mashups allow the audience to perform their own cinematic spin on current movie footage. This allows the trailer to focus on a specific actor or portion of the film. It could even change the plot or genre of the film entirely.

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