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" Darr Se Mat Darr " - Hrithik's encouraging poem is need of the hour.

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Hrithik Roshan has been making news since past couple years for all the ugly reasons. Be it his divorce, or his alleged relationship with Kangana. He has landed himself in troubles number of times, however, he also has the knack of coming out of it in a dignified manner. 

 This is not the first time Hrithik has written something, but, this is surely the first time he has recited it and posted its video on social media. Hrithik has been very vocal about the board exams. Previously, he had shared his kind word encouraging the kids and asking them not to take a lot of pressure. And now, this video has come at a time when the air around the kids is very heavy.  Being a source of inspiration to a whole lot of people this poem will make a mark on people for good.

Hrithik is currently working on his new film ’Super-30’, based on a mathematician Andan Kumar and his educational program Super-30. The movie will release next year.


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