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Bookings for Deadpool 2 Start Early!

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Bookings for Deadpool 2 Start Early!
After the huge success of Deadpool in India, the audience has eagerly been waiting for the next movie. Deadpool 2 is being released in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu on 18th May. Generally the bookings open around Wednesday or Thursday, but for this movie they are opening on Sunday! The bookings for Avengers Infinity War opened on Sunday as well and the halls were surprisingly fully booked. 
The audience for superhero movies has been increasingly steadily. Fans can be seen flocking the movie theatres wearing superhero merchandise. Ryan Reynolds upcoming movie has definitely created a lot of buzz and hype. “Deadpool is one of the most favorite and unconventional superheroes from Marvel. Deadpool 2 has being generating tremendous buzz and the bookings are huge across portals and theatre windows. We have also received lots of early booking requests from fans and cinema owners,” Vijay Singh, CEO Fox Star Studios, said in a statement to IANS. He also said that “Given this exceptional buzz, we along with the exhibitors have decided to open ticket bookings earlier than usual to give the audiences a chance to block their seats”.
Ranveer Singh has voiced the character of Deadpool for the Hindi version of the movie. Deadpool is the story of a former Special Forces operative who
becomes a mercenary later on. He is Marvel’s most unconventional hero who has gained a lot of gathering due to his witty sense of humour. Ryan Reynolds
will be seen sharing the screen with Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Karan Soni, Zazie Beetz, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapicic and Leslie Uggam. 
So the wait is finally over! Deadpool is hitting the screens on 18th May. Make sure you wear your Deadpool t-shirt and don’t remember to fan-girl on all the crazy moments.
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