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Virender Sehwag And Preity Zinta in a spat

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After the loss against Rajasthan Royals the boss of Kings XI punjab, Preity Zinta reportedly lashed out on the reports which suggested a rift between her and the team mentor, Sehwag. However, she is denying all facts related to the occurence of this event. Though she does admit that some words were exchanged between the two of them due to the outcome of the game.
According to the sources and the media, Preity Zinta launched into Sehwag for making a poor decision of sending in Ashwin who was bowled out at duck. She might have questioned his tactics at that point which would have resulted in an arguement. Viru tried to reason with her and calm her during that moment according to the media reports. Although, after the match Ashwin stated that he got out because the wicket became tougher and tougher to play.
This has not been the first time the co-owner of the team and the mentor have been in a heated argument. Viru has clearly stated that he would never coment on her acting so she should refrain questioning his about his cricket acumen.
When this topic was discussed with Sehwag, he obviously refused to comment on the topic. He further stated that he is too busy for this as he does not want his players to stress out during playoffs.
At this time in IPL 2018, Kings XI Punjab secures the third seat. They still have four matches to play while their opponents continue to gain on them. Now all we can do is sit tight and see if they are able to win the remaining matches or not. And let’s hope that there is no spat on going between Preity and Sehwag for the sake of their team and the audience that blindly supports them!

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