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I Would Have Done The Same Claims Justin Langer

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Recently, Cameron Bancroft became a part of the ball tampering scandal which shook the industry. But more surprisingly, Justin Langer stated that he would have done the same had he been in his shoes. Justin Langer is the new coach of the Australian Criclet Team. The 47 year old former cricketer made his first appearance in 1993 on the field during the match against West Indies. The former batsman states the differences between his era and that of today’s with respect to the coaches. He also said that “The difference is Allan Border would never have asked me and Bobby Simpson would’ve killed me.”
In an interview with the Australian Channel Nine, the new coach exclaimed that he would have indulged in ball tampering if his senior players would have advised him to do so. He wouldn’t have done it because he wanted to, but because he would have been too scared not to.
Bancroft has been banned to play in all the International matches for over a period of 9 months. Till now, he had only reached the 8th test match of his life. Despite his actions, Cameron was considered to be a misled junior at the age of 25. As compared to Steve Smith and David Warner, his case was considered to be quite light.Such a series of mistakes, soon engulfed the Australian Cricket Team.
Justin shared his experience by saying that the standard of behaviour of any cricket team depends upon the team itself. He states that it’s always about working hard and being better than before. the former coaches agree on the fact that even they could become better people and better players.
Langer sheds light upon the scandals which tied up three players of the Australian Cricket Team. According to him, the players could meet the standard of their cricket team if there is a focus on mentoring them and helping them. Hopefully, they will soon be welcomed back!

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