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Hardik Pandya's befitting reply on Ambedkar controversy

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We are living in the era where the virtual world has overpowered the reality. It’s a- sad thought to realize that along with their minds and power of thinking, people are losing their individuality too. Talking about individuality, how could we forget to mention the ’Fake accounts’ which are often taken more seriously than real people. One such fake account recently landed all-rounder Hardik Pandya in trouble. A tweet was posted from a fake twitter handle which ignited a controversy amongst a particular section of the society. A petition has been filed against Pandya in Jodhpur high Court for ‘Insulting’ and ‘defaming’ the constitution and the architect of constitution. According to the reports the tweet stated that, ““Which Ambedkar ??? The one who drafted a cross law and constitution or the one who spread the disease called reservation in the country.”

While this tweet created furore amongst a particular section of the society, it soon turned out that the alleged twitter handle did not beling to Hardik Pandya.

While Hardik Pandya’s twitter handle is @hardikpandya7, the court order is based on a complaint that refers to the handle @sirhardik3777. 

Finally opening up about the controvery, Pandya took to social media to serve the blind internet audience with a befitting reply.


His statement read, "There have been multiple misleading reports and articles being circulated in the media today, wherein it is being alleged that I had posted a tweet which was derogatory and insulting to the late Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that no such tweet and/or statement, whether on twitter or any other form of media, has been issued by me. The tweet in question was posted by a fake account using my name and display image. I use only my verified twitter handle to make official communications via twitter and the said tweet was posted by a spurious account, pretending to be me. I have the utmost respect for Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Indian Constitution and the many communities that call India their home and I would not indulge in making any kind of statement which is derogatory and/or which insults the sentiments of any community. I use social media to interact with my fans and I believe that in this age of social media one must be vigilant of misinformation and act responsibly.

I will also be making the necessary submissions in the Hon’ble Court in order to establish that the said tweet cannot be attributed to me in any manner whatsoever and to further highlight the issue that the said tweet was posted by an imposter posing as me in order to tarnish my reputation, which is a menace faced by many well-known personalities across India today"


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