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Armaan Kohli's Girlfriend talks about her past assault: 'He Nearly Broke My Nose'

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Neeru Randhawa, girlfriend of former ’Bigg Boss’ contestant Armaan Kohli, has lodged a complaint against him. The complaint registered against the actor was regarding the assaults on her. She finally came out to talk about the matter.
According to The Bombay Times, this has not been the first time Armaan abused the fashion stylist physically. Both of them have been in a relationship since 3 years.
To be precise Neeru Randhawa said, “He had assaulted me in February this year, and nearly broke my nose. This relationship has been a huge mistake, but I continued to give him chances despite being warned by friends and family. In fact, I had called time on the relationship in September last year, and left for Dubai. I got a job and was living there peacefully. However, three months later, Armaan came to take me back home. When I told him that I didn’t want to get back to the vicious circle, he begged and pleaded with me and said that he would change. He told me that he needs me as I have made him a better person and taken care of his parents and brother. I left everything and returned to India with him.”
The incident she talked about occurred on Saturday. Armaan held Neeru by her hair and banged her head against the wall mercilessly. The cops have already issued an arrest warrant against him, which means they will soon arrest him once they find him.
Moon Moon banerjee, Armaan’s ex girlfriend also accused him of assaulting her. She claimed that Dolly Bindra and her husband rescued her from that assault in Mauritius in 2013.

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