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एक नया भारत बनाने का इरादा मन में है | Saburi Asharaf | TsnPlay

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#AtalBihariVajpayee’s entire personality is recorded as Shikhar Purush in India’s political history. He is recognized as a skilled politician, administrator, linguist, poet, journalist, and writer. He embraced and lived politics away from the ideology of the party and selfishness. Accepted all the odds and challenges in life. Policy theory and ideology were never slaughtered. In the ups and downs of political life, he kept himself restrained even after criticisms. Strong opponents in politics were also convinced of their ideology and style of functioning. After conducting molecular tests like Pokhran, the world’s most powerful country made America realize the power of India along with other countries.
#EkNyaBharatBananeKaIradaMannMeHai #TsnPlay

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