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Working on Homecoming was challenging: Julia Roberts

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Working on ’Homecoming’ was challenging for Julia Roberts. She says that the show can be renamed as ’No Easy Days’. Julia Roberts who is known for being Hollyood’s ’Pretty Woman’ has now entered the small screen by working in a show for Amazon Prime Original.

She said, “I was really taken with the podcast," said Roberts in a statement to IANS. "The characters were terrific. (Actress) Catherine Keener is a friend of mine -- she played Heidi in the podcast -- and she was fantastic. I was listening to it with (a TV series) in mind. The audio, the sound production, the fish-tank bubbles… it was all so visual. Micah and Eli know this material inside and out.”

Being directed by Sam Esmail, the show follows the life of case worker-turned-waitress Heidi Bergman. During her course of time, she tries to remember her time working at a facility that treats soldiers returning from war.

She told that she was very happy to work with Esmail. She said, “He’s an incredible intellect and has such a very specific vision. I come from films where there’s just one captain throughout. And I know from friends and family who work in television that there’s a changing-of-the-guard in every episode, which I’m unaccustomed to.”
Amazon Prime Video would screen the show ’Homecoming’ on November 2nd.

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