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Bailey Fry

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Why Cheat India - why not cheat india?

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Starcast- Emraan Hashmi

              Shreya Dhanwanthary

             ammar taalwala


The republic day is around and we expect patriotic kind of movies at this time of the year. But soumik sen has come up with drama on our flawful education system. In the past many movies has been released on the issue of our education system like Taare Zameen Par and Three Idiots. Why Cheat India also lays emphasis on the flaws of our education system and also shows how parents slams their choice of careers on their children. The movie doesnt pass any judgement but shows you how  both sides are working and how things are going on.




The prime character is played by emraan hashmi (rakesh). The characterisation of the main characters is excellent - the anti hero, the corrupt politicians, the honest government officials, the corrupt officials, the middle class fathers who change their opinions about their sons and daughters according to their material and professional ’success’, the talented and ambitious lower middle class youths and the stooges of our corrupt anti hero--all are projected in undertones, in a life-like manner where not much is spoken, but a lot is understood or perceived in the silence between words. 



The movie shows how rakesh fools and plays with the education system, at one time he was also been victimised by the system. Rakesh generates loads of money by this entrance syndicate and shows his way of revenge. Movie shows you the grey side of the main characters but does not support or gives any judgement on whats right or whats wrong. Overall the script of the movie is good and is watchfull. The music and songs are good and is already trending in the charts.

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