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Urvashi Vani talks about her time in Bigg Boss

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In an interview with indianexpress.com, Urvashi talked about her exit from the show. She has been visibly disappointed about her unexpected exit from the house. Talking about the same, she said “It was quite a roller coaster ride but definitely a great one. I did not really expect that I would go out so soon. Housemates kept calling me weak and that, I think, went against me. But I don’t understand, just because I was not loud, doesn’t mean I was weak. I always stood for the right, but it wasn’t enough, clearly.”

As most of the people voted against her, she was quite hurt and talked about the term “friendship” in the house of Bigg Boss. Talking about the same, she said “According to me, I was doing quite well. But I couldn’t change people’s perception about me not being entertaining. I worked on all my shortcomings. I hate dancing but tried it every day. I started dressing up and putting makeup only for the show. But for the world that’s not good enough. Only shouting and fighting means entertainment for them,”.Urvashi bigboss 12

Talking about the divide between commoners and celebs, Urvashi proudly said that she was always treated as an equal. Elaborating on the same, she quipped “I don’t think there is any difference. Once you enter a show like Bigg Boss, everyone becomes a celebrity. I think it’s all about mindset. And sadly, it’s only the commoners who feel the need to talk about this barrier. I was friends with everyone because we had mutual respect for each other.”

She made her exit due to not being able to garner enough votes from the other contestants. Sadly, most of the people voted against her during the eviction. Urvashi confessed that she was quite hurt and disheartened by the same.
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