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Urvashi Vani talks about Deepak Thakur

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Urvashi Vani entered the show Bigg Boss 12 along with Deepak Thakur. Even though Deepak has been holding his position in the house, Urvashi was recently eliminated.
Talking about her partner Deepak Thakur, Urvashi quipped that she wasn’t interested in being associated with him anymore. She said, “As a jodi, we did not have the required coordination. While he knew about my silent nature, I was amazed to know about his reality.

I cannot stand someone who doesn’t respect people and relationship. Also, no one has the right to put me down, even for the game. I could not tolerate his nasty behaviour. When we couldn’t bond inside the house, I don’t think I will be friends with him outside now. I think Deepak is really stupid, for he gets manipulated easily.”Deepak & Urvasi

It was believed that Deepak’s friendship with Somi Khan was causing them to drift apart. When asked about whether there was any possibility of a love triangle, she said “Not at all. There was nothing from my side.

Somi genuinely felt uncomfortable by Deepak’s action. And as a middle-class girl, I understand that such things can become an issue post the show. This is why I tried explaining the consequences of firing up a love angle in Bigg Boss to Somi.”.
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