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Twinkle Khanna talks about MeToo

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Twinkle Khanna has charmed the audiences with her wit and humor throughout the years. Not only has she been an actress, but she’s also been a producer and a best-selling author. Talking about the MeToo movement in the industry, she said “I don’t look at it as unrolling in just the film industry but am glad that it has cut across all industries. It will have a large hand in paving the way towards true equality rather than the version we have all accepted in the past.”

People have often expected her to take up their causes and be their voice, disregarding her personal opinion. Talking about this, she said “It took me a while to understand that I have to concentrate and consolidate my work towards a few key causes. Menstrual health is an area that I have written about in columns, in my second book and produced Pad Man which dealt with the same issue. I am now continuing the same work with Save The Children on ground level. I think, at least for me, focusing on one cause and tackling it from different aspects is more important than just lending my voice to myriad issues.”

Talking about 2018, Twinkle added, “A chaotic, tiring but fulfilling year and all I want now is to lie in a hammock with an apple martini and a good book.”.

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