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Twinkle Khanna talks about her career and social media

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All of us know that social media is a double-edged sword. Commenting on the same, Twinkle Khanna talked about her favorite and worst experience on social media. She said, “I would say that memorable experiences have been meeting one of my favorite authors Ken Liu through Twitter and I had my ultimate fangirl moment. I can’t say that I wish it had never happened but when I posted a picture of a man using the bathroom in lieu of a toilet, there was outrage, but within that, I realized many things including my blind spots around privilege which led to a greater understanding of the world around me.”

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My hair and my mind are unruly beasts! Trying to set both in order when Mr K sneaks in and takes a picture :) #pranayama #multitaskingatitsbest

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Talking about the motivation behind her own film production company, Twinkle quipped “Muruganantham’s [Pad Man] story was compelling. It was something that had to infiltrate the consciousness of people from all walks of life and cinema is the only medium in my opinion that could truly accomplish this so I made Pad Man. If I find another story as meaningful then I will make another film otherwise I will stick to hunching over word documents.”

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