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Twinkle Khanna on being a best-selling author

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Twinkle Khanna’s last book, Pyjamas Are Forgiving has made her the highest-selling female author of 2018. Talking about this, Twinkle quipped “When you are writing, what you are doing is basically playing out the arguments in your head, it is primarily for yourself. It is only after you are done, that the reader and various apprehensions begin to make an appearance. The fact that Pyjamas Are Forgiving has done so well just makes all the long hours chained to the desk and, I suppose, the inherent solitude that accompanies the writing process, a little more worthwhile.”

There is an immense amount of pressure associated with writing, especially once you’ve achieved success. Commenting on the pressure that comes along with writing a best-seller, she said “I am not sure to what degree pressure affects my writing, I am unaware of it, or at least consciously. Books, as a reader, have always been a source of comfort, and even now as a writer, the world of words is the one place where even if I am having a terrible day, once I begin, I forget my own issues and am lost in building this alternate world. These days when I walk onto a stage though, my introduction usually seems to say, ‘Here she is Mrs. Funnybones who is going to make you laugh for the next hour.’ Now that is scary! And like a performing seal, with the usual seven pounds of atmospheric pressure multiplied into a 100, I have to begin my sit-down comedy act.”

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