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TV Actress Chahatt Khanna Accuses Estranged Husband Of 'Sexual, Mental Abuse'

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According to the reposts of Times of India, TV actress, Chahatt Khanna recently accused her estranged husband Farhan Mirza of "sexual and mental abuse." The actress is best known for the serial, ’Badhe Acche Hagte Hai’.

The actress filed for divorce last month after being married to Farhan since 2013. She disclosed the fact that it was not an overnight decision and also stated how she “wants a divorce but he is determined to not give her one". Chahatt said, “It was not just sexual abuse. I went through financial and mental abuse, too. The atmosphere in the house was driving me crazy. He would accuse me of prostitution and having an affair with a co-actor. He would make surprise visits on the set of my show (Qubool Hai) and create a fuss when I had to hug or even hold hands with my co-actor on screen. Once, he threw a fit after I received an invite for the same co-actor’s housewarming party; he concluded that I was dating him,” to TOI.
The mother of two children also abused him of physical abuse both during and after pregnancy. She alleged, “Farhan would always keep an eye on me. He even followed me from one room to another. I was not allowed to take both my kids together outside the house, as he knew that I would leave him. It was a solitary confinement of sorts. Every second day, I was s**t-shamed. In fact, he even accused me of dating his own brother.”

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