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There is no rape, everything is give and take: Shilpa Shinde

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Shilpa Shinde has rubbished the MeToo movement in the times when all the leading women in that industry have been coming up with their horrifying experiences. According to her, there is no such thing as rape in the industry as whatever happens between two actors is always mutual.

Shilpa Shinde said, “It’s rubbish. You have to take a call that time only, it’s simple. You should speak about that matter that time only. Even I got a lesson. Jab hota hai, tabhi bolo - baad mei bolne ka koi faayeda nahi, it’s useless. Baad mei aap voice raise karte ho, usko koi nahi sunega, just controversy hogi - nothing else. You have to take a call that time only when it happens and obviously, you need power,” in an interview with Times Now.
She also added, “This industry is not bad and it’s not very good. Everywhere these things happen. I don’t know why khud hi industry ka naam kharaab kar rahe hai. (why is everyone themselves spoiling the name of the industry). So those who are working and they got work - sab hi log kharaab hai? (Is everyone wrong?) Aisa nahi hai, it totally depends on you. Aapse saamne waala insaan kaise react karta hai, aap usko kaise answer karte ho. (how someone reacts to you and how you react to someone) It’s totally a give and take policy. Women are speaking now but at that time also I said that there’s no rape in this industry - zabardasti nahi hota. (it’s not forced) Whatever has happened in our industry, it’s a mutual understanding. It’s a mutual thing. If you are not ready to do that, just leave that thing.”

These last few days have been an eye opener for Indian women as well as the men in this country as all the dirty secrets of this industry are finally coming out. Molestation, casting couch and sexual harassment cases have been the most common.

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