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The Accidental Prime Minister - Politics Disclosed.

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Starcast- Anupam Kher, Akshaye Khanna, Suzanne Bernert, Aahana Kumra, Arjun Mathur etc.

Director- Vijay Gutte

Produced By- Pen India Limited.


When The Accidental Prime Minister was published in 2014, it created a storm and became the publishing sensation of the year. The Prime Minister office called the book a work of ’fiction’. Written by Dr. Manmohan Singh’s media advisor, an old friend from financial express Mr. Sanjaya Baru. The book describes Singh’s often troubled relations with his ministers, his equation with Sonia Gandhi  and how he dealt with left to right on nuclear deal.


Same like the book, the movie describes how Dr. manmohan singh with a brilliant mind and an economic genius lacked all the qualities necessary for a politician, a PM and for that matter his ability as a leader was also highly questionable.The movie starts with zoom tv news archive showing UPA’s thumping victory against NDA in the lok sabha elections. Akshaye Khanna is playing the role of media advisor to the Prime Minister, which in real was Mr. Baru. The film gives you a detailed glimpse of the UPA ruiling years, hitting on the incidents like the nuclear deal as well as the internal family rules in play.




Akshaye Khanna’s character keeps on breaking the fourth wall, interacting directly with the audience, felt funny and entertaining. Both the actors Akshaye Khanna and Anupam Kher has done justice with their characters and has shown their vintage. Other actors like Suzane Bernert, Ashana Kumra, Arjun Mathur etc had played their part well.



The movie has faced lot of resistance from congress party workers and ministers. In some places party workers even damaged the property of cinema theatres. Still the movie is running successfully and is doing a good business overall. The hardwork of all actors and support has been fruitfull till now. The movie is also released in Pakistan on January 18, 2019. Same was shared by Anupam Kher on twitter also.


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