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Superstars attacked by Shraddha Srinath on #MeToo

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With every passing day, the #MeToo movement is becoming bigger in India. However, there is still some silence on the part of leading heroes of film industries which is being criticised by many in the industry at this moment. 

The truth is that any big name from the film industry across India would either be hesitant or highly diplomatic about commenting on the issue. Big names like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikanth have popped up too. Although, many other Telugu and Tamil actors big or small have been silent on the issue pertaining to #MeToo campaign.

For this behaviour, Tamil-Kannada actress Shraddha Srinath even called out the big stars. She took a dig at the stars, asking them to open them about the ongoing issue, in a Tweet. She asked why the stars who used to act like saviours and protectors of their mothers and sisters in the film are not reacting to real life issues.
On the work front, the actress was last seen Madhavan’s film, Vikram Vedha. She currently has been busy working in projects in both Kannada and Telugu.


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