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Southern films make Hindi filmmakers feel inferior in a good way: Karan Johar

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While interacting with the media at a press conference on 2.0 along with Akshay Kumar and director S. Shankar, Karan Johar commented on how Souther filmdom makes the Bollywood filmmakers feel inferior in a good way. Commenting on how Bollywood needs to amp up their game, Karan said: "I think the great moves of many of the filmmakers in the south have encouraged that movement even in Hindi cinema. I think it is because there is a 2.0 and there was a Robot and a Baahubali, that there will be cinema spectacles which will actually follow them.”

“We had the gumption, glory, and guts to make it because we have seen the success. In many ways, the southern film industry has pioneered this movement of meeting narrative and technology for like, decades. They get their stories, emotions, scale and technology bang on.” he added.
Commenting on the inferiority bit, Karan said "Some of us get stuck in a rut. We don’t get out of that rut. We believe that we are in a safe spot but the truth is that we are not. They have taught us and made us feel inferior in a good way. I say that with positivity because it encourages us to do much better. So far, we had very few big events in the last decade mainly by filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali who has given beautiful cinema spectacles. But now, you will see a flurry and a plethora of them and for that, thanks to the southern film industry.”

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