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Sonam Kapoor Feels Sorry for Trollers

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Sonam Kapoor is not someone who succumbs to bullying. She is used to people trying to bully her on social media and doesn’t let herself get affected by it. She recently married her long time boyfriend Anand Ahuja in May. She has been trolled for wearing her mangalsutra on her wrist.
When asked about if these trolls affect her,Sonam told IANS: “No, it doesn’t affect me because they are faceless people with no jobs.”

“I feel sorry for them because the only reason they are commenting on my posts because I am of importance and they are not. They are trying to gain importance from that,” the actress added.
Sonam Kapoor is one of the most successful actresses and influencers in today’s date. Be it her excellent acting in movies like Neerja or her applaud worthy sense of fashion, she is definitely an icon for the youth. One thing that she teaches her fans is to not succumb to bullying!

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