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Singer Shaan opens up about his low phase in music

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The voice behind hits such as ’Bum bum bole’, ’Chand sifarish’, ’Behti hawa sa tha woh’ and ’Jab se tere naina’, said he was disheartened for a brief period as not much work was coming his way.

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Another Packed House... another amazingly receptive audience ... Thankyou #NJPac ... DC tomorrow!!! My last Gig here in the US!!!

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Shaan told PTI, "From 2010 to 2013-14, I was not able to understand what was happening. Why I was not getting the work that I was getting earlier? What did I do wrong? I couldn’t find the answer but I figured that it happens with everyone as new people come in and they take over. But now, my belief in my own singing has grown. I feel I am a better singer today. I have worked on my shortcomings. I am working hard and proud of myself."

Shaan said that he was busy doing his own independent music, ad films, and collaborations. "With film songs, the A-league stuff is not happening. I have been open to the idea of singing for newer production houses. Many advised me to not take this up and said it will affect your career and that I should be connecting to the top guys. I feel, I was new at some point of a time in my life and somebody did give me an opportunity," he added.

Talking about live concerts, Shaan quipped, "Music as a industry is going through lot of changes. I don’t know how well paying it is to be a singer today. If you can entertain through live performances then sky is the limit as people enjoy it. People are enjoying it.”

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