Shawn Mendes surprises fans during Taylor Swift's Rose Bowl Party

On Friday night that marked the first of Taylor Swift's two Rose Bowl Shows, Taylor ended up teasing her fans with a huge surprise. There was a crowd of roughly 60,000 people in the auditorium and every single one of them were screaming their lungs out when Taylor unraveled the surprise. 
“I’m gonna sing a little bit of a song, and as soon as you recognize it, if you love it as much as I do,” she said, “start screaming, singing along, or combine the two and start screaming along. And if you do that, something cool might happen. Ready to play the game?”
The audience successfully guessed the song “There's nothing holding me back” and got Shawn Mendes as their surprise! Taylor was definitely more excited that Shawn was next to her as she couldn't stop jumping and performing enthusiastically. This definitely made Shawn happy as he broke into a wide grin while performing his vocals. 
“What I really love about the fact that we exist in this time is that I’m able to kind of keep up with you,” she said, prior to singing “Long Live.” “I meet a lot of people before and after the shows, and then I don’t really have to wonder what you’re up to. If I want to, I can figure out what’s going on with you—like, ‘What’s been going on with her in the last year?’ And I get to keep up with you on Instagram and Tumblr and see what you’re doing. Even before the show, I can see what you’re wearing to the show… I love how much you care about lyrics. I love how much you care about human emotion. And I get to see what different phases you’re going through in your lives. I’ve been doing this since was 16 and I’m 28 now… I love seeing the phases of our lives and going through them together, the ups and the downs.”
Mrigaya Dham