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Salman Khan gets bail in black buck poaching case; Celebration amongst fans

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Salman Khan has finally been granted bail today in the Jodhpur and the verdict came out as a big sigh of relief for his friends and family. Celebrations are going in the Fans across the country including Mumbai-Jodhpur.

Salman Khan has got Bail after spending two days in jail in the blackbuck poaching case.

This has come out to be a great news Salman Khan’s fans. In the 1998 black buck poaching case, Jodhpur Sessions court today granted bail to the ’Dabangg’ actor while hearing his bail application. Along with this news, Salman’s family, fans and his well-wishers now have a wave of happiness.

After the verdict of Salman Khan’s release, the Jodhpur court is echoing with the sounds of celebratory crackers and slogans. Here, slogans are being circulated about Salman’s victory over this court. With this, the fans, outside the court, welcomed the decision by distributing laddus and sweets among themselves.

In addition to this, an immense crowd of fans has gathered outside the house located at the Galaxy Apartments (Bandra) of Salman in Mumbai. Here the fans are waiting for Salman to return to Mumbai with huge excitement.

An atmosphere of sadness in Bishnoi society

Bishnoi society is now unhappy with the court’s decision. In the 20-year-long battle, they had won the most awaited grand victory on April 5 when the court sent Salman for 5 years but not more than couple days after the court has ordered to release him.

It is being told that after completing the legal process, Salman can be released by this evening.

Bollywood has also taken part in the celebrations and most of the celebrities have expressed their joy on Twitter:









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