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Ryan Reynold puts his pink 'Deadpool' suit up for sale for a cause

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Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has put one of his costumes - a pink superhero suit - under the hammer in a bid to fight cancer.

This isn’t the first time when Hollywood has raised such kind of funds for noble causes such. In fact, Star Wars: Force for Change does it nearly every year, but fighting cancer and helping people afflicted it is definitely an initiative worth applaud. Deadpool’s personal history with cancer means this is also a high-profile way of getting the word out, like using Daredevil or Batgirl for charities involving blindness and wheelchair users, respectively.

The actor announced the Omaze campaign for ’F**k Cancer’, a non-profit organization, through his Twitter handle.

The ’Paper Man’ actor shared a video donning the illustrious suit, and wrote, "Suit for sale. Worn once. Made lovingly with over 10,000 individually selected pink gummi bears".


In about one-minute-long video, Reynolds shared a special message from the ’Deadpool’ star and said that the pink suit was for the world to see that he "has a big old heart". 


Credits: ANI

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