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Ranbir Kapoor trolls back Salman Khan and Arshad Warsi for their comments about Sanju

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A few days back, Salman trolled Ranbir by saying that no one fits better for the role of ’Sanju’ than Sanjay Dutt. Even Arshad Warsi took a dig at Ranbir by saying, “no matter what you do, no one can be like Sanju.” But now, Ranbir Kapoor finally gave a befitting reply to both of them without taking any names.

During a recent media interaction, Ranbir said, “It has never happened that a person played himself in his own biopic. This destroys the effect of a character. I knew that I will be compared to Sanjay Dutt and that is why I have tried my best to do justice to his role.”
It goes without saying that Ranbir gave his sweat and blood for his upcoming movie ’Sanju’. He even went an extra mile to match Sanjay Dutt’s persona and manners. Ranbir Kapoor accepted the fact that he is going to be compared to Sanjay Dutt, but no matter what he does, he cannot become the latter.

Ranbir added, “Whether people see me in 40-year old Sanjay Dutt’s avatar or 20-year old, they should feel that they are watching an artist who is playing Sanjay Dutt. It is correct that I cannot become a second Sanjay Dutt. Whenever Sanju wants to make a comeback, he will. It is all left to Sanjay Dutt, the day he thinks ’I want to come back, he will be back.’ Even for the movie Sanju, I thought why did somebody else play his part. No one can do justice to that. The last bit of the film, Sanju only should have played it himself. The last portion of the last eight to ten years, Sanju only should have done it.”

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