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Ram Kapoor Makes a Comeback

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Ram Kapoor is coming back on television on Sony TV with the show Zindagi Ke Crossroads. It will definitely be a new and unique show for the entire audience as it presents life-altering scenarios. Before a crossroad decision is taken, the situation will be presented to the audience who will then discuss it with Ram. The show will air thrice a week with Salman’s show Dus Ka Dam will air twice. Talking about the obvious comparison, Ram said “Before I compare myself to Salman, I think I will just shoot myself (laughs), but honestly, it’s not even crossed my mind. In all the roles that I’ve done till date, I’ve made my audiences laugh, cry and smile; this is the first time that I get audiences to think and converse. This show is bigger than anyone of us. While I would refrain from giving opinions, I will do get the people to share their views openly.”

Talking about the show, the actor quipped, “I am very excited, proud and nervous because this is a very different concept. Also, kids very often watch my shows and I like that because it gives me nice positive feeling. This is one show that I will get my own children to watch as the stories are lessons for life.”

“I really love doing it because anchoring is the time, when I can just be me and not try to portray a character. And that really excites me.” He also shared his strengths and weaknesses as an anchor, “I like being spontaneous. I don’t follow any scripts too much and just go with the flow. I think that’s my strength because an anchor should be spontaneous and build that connect with the viewers. My weakness is that I don’t have a command on the language like Amitabh Bachchan Sir has it. When he speaks, you just want to hear him forever and ever, and I wish I could do that.” he said talking about taking on the role of an anchor.

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