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Priyanka Chopra's Heartfelt Promise To Her Dad Will Definitely Make Your Day!

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On the occasion of Mother’s Day, most of the actors wished their mothers using the social media platform. They posted adorable pictures, emotional quotes, heartwarming lines, etc.. Priyanka Chopra decided to wish her mother using social media as well.



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To mark the occasion of Mother’s day she posted pictures of her mother, Madhu Chopra on Instagram. The Quantico actress was celebrating holidays with her mother in Miami. She clicked and posted pictures of her mother holding red roses by the shore on the beach. It was truly a mesmerizing photo. She even disclosed the fact about the special promise she made to her late father, which left us all smiling.

Priyanka shared a special message along with the pictures which said, “The one thing I promised Dad was to keep you smiling.. it makes me so happy to see you so full of life Ma .. you are the definition of Vibrancy! I always wish you happiness and joy.. You are my strength and weakness all in one. If I’m even 5% of you my life will be pretty amazing! Thank you for making it as incredible as it is by being you! Love to the moon and back. #happymothersday ?”.

Dr. Ashok Chopra, Priyanka’s father was suffering from cancer since 2008 Unfortunately he succumbed to this deadly disease and took his last breath on June 10, 2013. Needless to say, Priyanka was heartbroken by the news. The actress was very fond of her father and even got a tattoo so as to honor his memory. The tattoo has been written on her arm in her father’s handwriting and says, ’Daddy’s Lil girl’.

Soon after her pictures with her mother, she set her profile on fire by posting the pictures of resting and enjoying on the beach.

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