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Priyanka Chopra on #MeToo

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Priyanka Chopra aligned forces with Facebook for the first ever Live-action to address problems related to cyberbullying, #MeToo movement and mental health in an exclusive chat with India Today. She shared that it was named Social For Good.

Priyanka said, “I don’t think it’s fizzled out. I think, as usual, women are put in a position where they have to think about their careers, their lives because they are threatened. They are told ’Don’t talk about it’ because powerful men come in and sort of disintegrate a woman’s voice and as usual that is happening.Priyanka Chopra on MeToo

So it’s not the movement that has fizzled out, it’s the fact that we still live in a patriarchy that allows that. The fact that this has happened reiterates the point that #MeToo is something that still exists, and we are still unable to fight it, because even after these women had the courage to talk about it, they were throttled, they were trolled, they were called names, they were told that they were asking for publicity. Why now? Why this? It takes so much courage when you have another sister or another woman stand next to you and put your hand on your shoulder and say, you know what it happened to me too. It gives you the courage to talk about it.

When you’re a lone voice, no one can do it, it’s very easy to turn around and point a finger at that one courageous lonely person who has the ability to say it, and say ’Arre ab kyun kar rahi hai, tab kyun nahi kiya? Why now? Could you do it? Could you talk about it? Can you even talk about it now? So instead of pulling down someone who has had the ability to make that revolution happen, you need to be able to encourage that,” about #MeToo movement.

Amongst other subjects discussed that day, she also talked about mental health and said, “Mental health is something that we talk about but we don’t understand too much. Specially in our country, we believe that if someone is feeling depressed, we say it’s a phase, don’t overthink things or let’s go party, you’ll feel better. But just like your lungs or your heart, your brain is also an organ. Like you can have troubles with your lungs or heart, the same goes for your brain. Removing the stigmas around mental health, talking to people who have done more than just talk about it, they’ve actually created action around what mental health is.”


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