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Priyanka Chopra: I was thrown out of films

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Priyanka Chopra has definitely earned her name in the industry. Be it modelling, acting, producing, social work, or attending and throwing lavish parties, Priyanka has been the queen throughout. But just like most of the people, Priyanka had to struggle in the industry too. Sadly we all know that a lot of talent goes unrecognized because some huge actor’s son wants to make his break. This is what happened with Priyanka for a lot of years as well. Coming from a non-film background, she didn’t have it as easy as the others. 
Upon asking Priyanka about this, she said "When I entered Bollywood, everyone was somebody’s uncle or somebody’s daughter. It’s very difficult to get inside a production office if you are an actor from no [film] background. I know that it happened to me because I started like that.”
She added, "When I joined films, I was already winner of a beauty pageant and still had it a little easy. I got my first few films but I know that I was thrown out of the films because somebody else was recommended, who was somebody’s daughter. I didn’t know people, ki main dinners pe ja rahi hun and networking kar rahi hun. I know that opportunities came to be because of merit. I know that opportunities were also taken from me because of these reasons. I wanted to have an open house philosophy in my production house."
Priyanka has been promoting regional cinema religiously through her production house- Purple Pebble Pictures. She believes in helping new budding talent come out on the big screen. She wants to focus on giving opportunities to new talent as she doesn’t their roles to be bagged by someone just because of their family’s status. 
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