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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have a Haunted House!

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Out of all the speculations that surround the newly wed couple, the news of their new house being haunted has to be the wildest. Is the Queen’s gift really haunted?
According to the reports of Metro, the Queen has gifted Harry and Meghan a decent Cottage York at Sandringham Estate as a country home. However, a recent story by Daily Mail sparked some confusion amongst the people which led them to believe that it is best for the newly weds to call in Ghost Hunters or burn some sage before they move in.
Although, there has not been any ghost sightings yet. Daily Mail reported, “George’s children grew up with this ghost and couldn’t wait to get away.” So, there may not be actual sightings of any ghosts but the York Cottage is indeed a house that the time forgot.

It definitely needs some work since no member of the royal family has stayed there after George and May’s kids left the house. York Cottage soon became a holiday getaway where generally the estate staff stayed. Therefore, before Harry and Meghan move in, this cottage will definitely need some renovation.
Metro described the cottage as, “three Merrie England pubs joined together,’ oozing charm and character.” The couple can also be looking at property beyond the Beyond Nott Cott in Kensington. They might even stay in the same neighborhood as David and Victoria Beckham.

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