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Preity Zinta almost died in the Tsunami of 2004

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Killing almost 2,30,000 people over 14 countries, a Tsunami struck the coasts of the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2014. Preity Zinta was holidaying with her friends in Bali at that time. Bali was badly hit by the waves at that course of time.

Recounting her near death experience at India Today Conclave East 2018, Preity Zinta said, “I almost died in the tsunami. I was in Phuket. Most of my closest friends passed away in that. I’m the only one who survived. God bless their souls. It was a tough time.” She even stated that it became a turning point in her life. She also added, “ I came back thinking, ’Why did I survive?’ So I thought I should do what I really want to do with my life.”
The actress also revealed, “ I met Lalit Modi at the Bravery Awards. I was the brand ambassador and his family was involved with that. We sat down for coffee later, and I told him that I want to have a sports school. It was my dad’s and my dream. I didn’t realise that you need to have Rs 1000 crore to ave a sports school!”

“When the IPL was being bid for, he called me and asked, ’Why don’t you do this?’ Everyone said no, but I’m a visual person. I thought to myself, ’Can I see this? Yes, I can.’”, said Preity.

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