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Prakash Raj on #MeToo

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On Thursday, a strongly worded statement was issued by Prakash Raj relating to the controversy over #MeToo stories in the Kannada film industry. The National-Award winning actor claimed that the vested interests were trying to derail the #MeToo movement in a Tweet, written in Kannada.

Prakash wrote the tweet with respect to his earlier statement which expressed his views in solidarity with Sruthi Harihan who recently accused the actor, Arjun Sarja of sexual misconduct at workplace. He claimed that there is nothing wrong in Arjun apologising to the actor. This opinion of his did not go well with several people in the industry including his fans as well.
He said, “Arjun is my long-time friend and a fellow traveller. I know him better than all of you,” he said while clarifying his stance on the controversy. “I did not make any mindless accusations against him. I am not the one who indulges in meaningless talk about a person.”
Asserting his support to her, he said, “Sruthi is not an opportunist like everyone says. She is very talented and a strong woman. Like all of us, even she was nurtured by the same society.”

Prakash Raj also told that the accuser and the accusee were two different individuals with a lot to achieve in their careers. He told people about the sesnitivity of the #MeToo campaign and requested the senior members of the film fraternity to step in and put an end to the ongoing controversy. He said, “The elders of the industry should immediately arrange a meeting between both (Arjun and Sruthi) and discuss the issue without any bias.”

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