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People want to know if I'm transgender: Kubbra Sait

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Sacred Games has popped up as one of the best web series in the recent months. Taking all the Netflix fans by storm, it has made its mark with today’s generation. Working between amazing actors like Saif Ali Khan and Nawazzudin Siddiqui, Kubbra Sait took on the role of “Kukoo” and delivered it in a seamless manner.


Did you ask me if I am “really” a Tranny or transsexual person, AGAIN?!?!

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Kubbra definitely fell in love with her role as even when the series ends, the character of Kukoo tends to stay with the audience. Talking about playing the role of a transgender, she says "I am more empathetic and aware now. The implications of [section] 377 [of the IPC], the meaning of transexual, Pride day and LGBTQ, all have a new meaning. Now, everything [transgender roles] will be compared to this [character]. Taking up this role has been a big move."

A lot of people have been online asking whether Kubbra Sait is transgender in real or not. Talking about this she said , "That according to me is their appreciation. I am a woman who likes men, yet, I have managed to convince the world that I have a willy. I played the character with the same honesty that I played a tree when I was a six-year-old, in a school play."
Talking about her favourite meme that went viral, she added "There’s one that places my character among the greatest real-life magicians, in a reference to the ’Kukoo ka jadoo’ angle in the series.".

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