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Netflix is making money on the backs of stand-up comedians: Jamie Masada

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Jamie Masada, the owner of Laugh Factory believes that rather than focusing on making careers, Netflix wants to make big bucks. She believes that once a stand-up comedian has reached enough followers, Netflix swoops in and decides to give them a special. This leads Netflix to acquire most of the social media following of the comedians. “Netflix just didn’t decide ‘oh I’m going to give a break to comics because we like comics,’” she said. “It’s their social media part of it,” he said. “It brings in millions and millions of dollars to Netflix.”

“I could show you another 20 comedians who are here. You’d die from how funny they are,” said Masada. “But they don’t have the followers on social media. Does Netflix give them a special? No.” She believes that social media is a huge asset in today’s date. “I had a comedian, he fired his manager and agent because he had a good following on social media,” Masada said. “He put on his website ‘If anybody wants to book me, please call me,’ and he got bookings. One place he went, he brought in 12,000 people to his show.” Those kinds of numbers, they’re no joke.

Talking about her interaction with Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, she said “He told me he wants to get comedians with good followings,”. “He would put them on Netflix and their followers would come.”Masada added.

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