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My Mother wanted to abort me: Reveals Bharti Singh

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Bharti Singh is one of the most famous comedians in today’s date. Recently, she revealed some shocking truths about her life. Bharti said, “My mother wanted to abort me due to our financial condition, but she later decided against it. Today she is very proud of me.”
“I remember this one time, just before my performance, my mother was admitted to the ICU and I wasn’t keen on doing the show. But she motivated me to go for it.”, she added.
Financial condition can be a crucial factor in deciding somebody’s fate. Luckily, Bharti’s mother opted against abortion and today Bharti’s success clearly shows how correct that decision was. She revealed these truths at Rajeev Khandelwal’s chat show, , JuzzBaatt...Sangeen Se Namkeen Tak.
Rajeev has returned as a host after a long time. While talking to PTI, he said “I have managed and survived without being worried what I will do next. When I look back at my work, I think this is the pace I want to maintain and continue with. I don’t have a fixed plan, I don’t have a blue print that this is what I want to do, and reach there. All I want is when I look back I just want a sense of fulfilment and contentment that I did the right thing.”

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